What Clients Are Saying


What clients are saying:

“Biggest Impact was that you helped me focus on setting a few goals and plotting the path to meeting those goals!7044C

And you made me remember I’m still capable of GROWTH!”

“The intentional time away from the hectic schedule and noise was a big help. The openness of the process was also big. I never felt led in any direction and was allowed to use my own thoughts and ideas to set goals that would help make a positive impact on me and those around me. Also huge was the accountability.”


“The biggest impact for me would be helping me realize that even though some of the goals I set were challenging, I could still accomplish them by breaking them down into smaller segments, instead of thinking they were out of reach and giving up on them. It helped me get to know myself better (if that even makes any sense).”


“You know my fear of flying? I went to Connecticut this week on a corporate jet. Left Monday and returned last night. Even with all the weather issues that were going on.I slept well both nights before the flights and actually enjoyed the flight coming home yesterday.  So I would have to say overcoming my fear of flying was the biggest impact from the coaching sessions!

Thanks for all your help with that one!!!!!”

“I liked a lot of things about it but I think one of the biggest impacts to me personally was having the accountability partner and also you as an outsider helped me appreciate my accomplishments as I made them. There were a lot of times when I didn’t give myself enough credit for completed tasks, I was only focusing on what was left or what wasn’t accomplished but as we starting discussing each one I realized that a lot had actually been accomplished.”

“Before coaching, I was struggling with both my personal projects and trying to manage my team’s projects. The coaching sessions helped me implement a few things that have really helped me stay on top of what my team is working on. I knew that I needed to have team meetings and I kept telling myself that I would do it someday, but I couldn’t bring myself to start. Making it an action item forced me to pull the trigger.”